Casement windows in London are our most energy-efficient, ventilating window style. They are a great choice for above cabinets or counters where opening is difficult to reach.
 Hinged on the side, the casement window offers the flexibility to capture as much, or as little, of any cross breezes and really opens your home to the outdoors when opened fully. Stainless steel stays enable the window to be kept open at any position.
They will come with many advantages; you will be able to enjoy fresh air whenever you like due to their excellent ventilation. Maintenance for casement windows is also extremely simple and easy, they don’t require painting as wood frames do and they are also very resilient to adverse weather conditions.
Whilst traditional in appearance our innovate casement windows benefits from modern technology in the form of warp resistant engineered timber, ventilation grooves, drainage channels and high performance, energy saving double or triple glazed units.
Fully factory finished in a choice of micro-porous paint or stain finishes, flush fitting casements are made from knot-free engineered softwood or hardwood in a variety of styles and sizes to meet the requirements of any project.
The casement windows in london are factory fitted with high quality stainless steel friction hinges and a range of attractive ironmongery is available. Trickle ventilation can be incorporated as required and dummy sashes can be fitted as an option to all fixed areas.

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Wood types:

TIMBER – ECO friendly

Why Timber?
  • Timber is naturally renewable
  • Timber windows save energy and last longer
  • Timber windows add to our quality of life
Eco Friendly
  • Timber has the lowest embodied energy of any building material
  • On average every cubic meter of timber used instead of other construction materials save 0.75 to 1.1 tones of carbon dioxide
  • Timber products play an important role in maximizing the carbon sink effect of a forest.