Sash Windows London


Our innovate double glazed sash windows are inspired by classic designs, augmented with modern-day conveniences and security features. Timber windows come with security bolts which can limit the opening of the lower sash, keeping you safe and secure at all times.In the world of wooden sash windows there are many different designs and patterns but at the core there are two basic variations, the traditional sash window and the Spiral Sash Window. Each can be tailored and adapted to suit you, and all weights and springs are tested to ensure consistent durability for years. All are double-glazed as per new building or replacement regulations.


We offer an extensive range of period double glazed wooden sash window styles, including Georgian, Victorian or vertical slider and mock sash windows, together with French doors and casement windows to complete the range.


Please note that due to building regulations any replacement or new sash windows have to be double-glazed. The only exception being most types of refurbishment work for an existing sash window. More in Obscure Glass Designs 

The standard glass we offer is a double glazed unit made up from an outer pane of clear 4mm thick toughened glass, a 16mm spacer and another 4mm thick sheet of clear toughened glass with a low e (emissivity) coating. The gap between the 2 panes of glass is filled with inert Argon gas and combined with the low e coating gives an insulation value.

Wood Types

All our windows are made from the highest quality timber, and comes in two types; hardwood and softwood. For hardwood we use only, Meranti, Oak and Sapele a member of the mahogany family, and is one of the most popular hardwoods for its durability, lack of knots, look, and value. Our softwood comes from unsorted redwood, which is the finest collection of redwood you can source.


All our windows have at least three factory-applied coats of micro-porous paint. The standard colour for a sash window, and the most popular is white, which is sprayed by our skilled and experienced painters. This ensures that we supply the best finish possible on all our products. The process comprises a basecoat primer, preservative, undercoat and a white semi gloss topcoat finish. More in RAL COLORS PALETTE