How do you choose a reliable London Sash Window Company for your Home?

How do you choose a reliable London Sash Window Company for your Home?

Letting somebody work in your home is first and foremost a question of trust. You are looking for a reliable London sash window company - how can you be certain the window company you employ is skilled, experienced and honest?

Window companies in general do not enjoy the best of reputations; there have been too many scandals about poor practices and little skill. There are, of course, any number of London sash window companies dealing with replacement sash windows, wooden double glazed windows or wooden casement windows. But simply supplying them isn’t enough – fitting new windows correctly and in accordance with industry standards, not to mention building regulations, is another matter.

Virtually anyone can set up in the window supply business these days, therefore picking a highly skilled London sash window company should be done with care or you might end up with a former window cleaner rather than an expert window fitter for your replacement sash windows.

How do you find a competent and trustworthy window company? The answer lies in plenty of research.

Even experienced and reputable window companies may have difficulties finding work in times of austerity, however, most reliable and highly skilled window fitters will be sought after, no matter how hard the times.

With so many London sash window companies advertising online a quick look on the Internet simply won’t do. How do you tell the good from the bad?

Genuine window fitters have nothing to hide. Prices, terms and conditions will be clearly displayed alongside a full address, email and telephone contact details and how long the company has been in business.

There should also be former client testimonials, pictures of previous work and an obvious desire to make you feel at ease. Don’t fall for pretty pictures and alleged client testimonials though - take up references and see work the company completed previously.

Beware of mobile only contact numbers – a landline implies there’s a proper office. Visit the company’s premises to be sure they actually reside at the address they give online. A genuine London sash window company won’t mind you popping in to ask questions.

There should also be a company registration number, if the window company is a limited entity - look them up at Companies House. You don’t want your old wooden casement windows ripped out only to find your chosen window fitters have just gone bust.

People skills are as important as having expertise in fitting replacement sash windows. Your window fitters should provide you with honest, understanding, polite and flexible staff to work in your home.

Remember that bit in the beginning – trust? Speak to short-listed window fitters several times over the phone. You may end up accepting a slightly higher quote in the end because your instincts told you to choose the nicest company – trust your instincts, they are usually correct.

Negotiate the price, if you’ve had a lower quote elsewhere but didn’t like the look of the window fitters. Your chosen London window company may well agree to match the lower price – if you promise in turn to recommend them to all your friends and neighbours.

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