Bespoke Eco Timber Doors and Windows

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The beauty of natural wood for windows and doors is hard to match with man-made materials. Eco timber doors and windows, individually crafted and made-to-measure, add not just energy-efficiency to a home, but also enhance a property’s appearance and value.

AWM windows Ltd believes home building materials should stem from sustainable sources. We only use certified timber so property owners can be sure our timber was harvested from forests where trees will be replaced.

Sourced from renewable supplies, eco soft- or hardwood windows and doors can be made either from oak, pine or other types of timber and because windows and doors are bespoke, they will match what is already in existence in the neighbourhood, particularly important in conservation areas, where modern style windows would not be permitted.

Timber sash or casement windows in historic Grade I or II listed buildings are often of a size that no longer corresponds to modern manufacturing processes. While owners of modern houses can find their replacement windows in DIY stores or any regular replacement windows outlet, owners of historic houses that have unusually shaped timber windows and doors typically need to look for a specialist supplier.

Timber box, sash or casement windows made from oak or pine for example can come in any number of styles and designs, from rustic country look to Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian design; corresponding timber mouldings for doors and windows will also be part and parcel of the overall look a homeowner would like to achieve for their historic home. When choosing a supplier for a home or business located in a conservation area or for a property that is listed, it is important to check the supplier manufactures to listed building standards.

But it is not all about the eco softwood or hardwood: the hardware fittings, counterweight and pulley systems as well as locks matter just as much.

Bespoke eco timber box sash windows can be supplied with traditional lead weights on ropes or chains but home owners can also choose pre-tensioned spring systems for ease of use. Every eco timber window or door comes with a minimum of three factory-applied coats of paint that won’t discolour over time or start to flake in extreme weather conditions such as conventional paintwork might do.

A bright and sunny home will sell that much more quickly, but if the home is not energy efficient or has been fitted with timber doors and windows that are sub-standard and will need replacing well before quality products would, prospective buyers will cut their losses and walk away.

Eco timber windows and doors can be either single or double glazed, however, in the interest of energy-efficiency, it is better to go for double glazing to draught-proof the home. Bringing more light into a home should not make it less energy-efficient. Eco timber folding doors, patio- and sliding doors can add enormously to the character and feel of a property first impressions are everything, when prospective buyers come to view.

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